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I help small business owners who wear all the hats do all the things digital marketing.


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When you’re building a brand, You need a plan for your instagram + i’m here to help.


I’m a “pen to paper” kind of girl, and since I couldn’t find a content calendar for Instagram that met all my needs on one sheet of paper — it was time to make my own. This calendar allows you print out and scribble down everything you need to plan a week’s worth of Instagram posts. It gives you plenty of space for: photos needed, relevant hashtags to use, and caption prompts so you’re not staring at your phone thinking, “What should I write?” Been there. Nobody has time for that. Personally, I like to print out + staple four weeks worth together. Then you can plan out months at a time, and never feel like you’re just posting for the hell of it. Quality = Quantity. The key is put out purposeful content, and this calendar will help you along the way. Best part? It’s FREE.

Hey there, I’m Ashleigh!


Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the Internet - I’m so glad you’re here. I work with small brands + business owners who wear “all the hats” do all the things with digital marketing. Social media, email marketing, and copywriting — that’s kind of my jam.

Currently I’m traveling the U.S. with my husband while I finish my BBA at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. *cue grad cap toss May 2019* When I’m not shopping in the office supply aisles of Target — I’m managing social accounts, writing copy, or snapping photos of the charming towns we visit. Connect with me on the ‘gram @ashleighkluck

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Whether it’s building strategies, creating social media campaigns, managing your monthly content, creating Instagram and Facebook templates, or setting up email marketing — I’m your girl.

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It’s one thing to have great images on your site or in your Instagram feed, it’s another to write the content. Basic product descriptions and cookie cutter captions don’t tell the story behind your brand.



All of those tasks that fall on your “to-do” list that include: creating documents, powerpoints, PDFs, booking appointments, or responding to emails — those items are right up my alley too.

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